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Desirae Odjick

Freelance writer + content marketer

Personal finance, millennial money management, financial technology, passive investing and career advice for 20-somethings. Canadian.

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How to Talk Money Without Ruining Your Relationship - FLARE

FLARE money pro and personal finance blogger Desirae Odjick shares her best tips for how to talk numbers with your S.O. (without things getting super awkward)

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Is credit card insurance enough — or do you need extra travel insurance?

Heading out on a trip? A boring-but-necessary first step: read your insurance policies. (Yes, seriously.)

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Desirae Odjick on Ontario’s $15 Minimum Wage: Is It Good or Bad? - Flare

People are torn: Is a $15 minimum wage a great thing, or a horseman of the economic apocalypse?

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Business Insider

I save half my income, and it's not because I'm frugal

Exactly how this one millennial manages to save half of her income - without giving up lattes.

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How Much Does A Side Hustle Cost?

Are you spending strategically on your side hustle costs? Here’s how to find out.

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Modern House Hunt: Buying a Foreclosure On The Other Side of The Country

One man's journey across the country to revamp a house in need of some TLC.

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Not Sure About Investing? Invest in Your Side Hustle First

Investing doesn’t need to be complicated, especially when you know everything there is to know about one specific business: Your side-hustle.

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Five Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Side Hustle

Just because everyone else is starting a side hustle doesn’t mean it’s right for you — here’s how to figure it out for yourself.

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We need to get rid of the ugly stereotypes around women and money

Let’s all take a minute to confront — and heartily dismiss — the ridiculous and enduring stereotypes that we hear all the time about women and money.

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Everything you need to know about being in a relationship and filing your taxes

I worked with two Official Tax Experts to help me — and you! — navigate tax season alongside our common-law partners and spouses, and figure out how to file our recently-divorced taxes, too.

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How I saved $16000 in a year for a house down payment

Before you can dive into the joys (and associated costs!) of homeownership, you need to pony up tens of thousands of dollars for a down payment. Here’s exactly how I managed to come up with all that cash over the past year.

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Exactly How Much It Cost Me To Have A Dog For A Year

I love my dog, but it turns out, love does not come for free. At least not when it comes to dogs.

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What Is a Fiduciary and Why Do I Need One?

Be sure to check whether your financial advisory is actually your fiduciary -- it makes all the difference.

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WTF Are ETFs and Why Do I Care?

ETFs are the building block of a huge number of low-cost investing approaches and are rapidly rising in popularity.

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How to Ask for a Raise - And Actually Get It

Because “I have been here for five years” and “I do what’s expected of me” are bad answers to "Why should I give you more money?"