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Freelance writer + content marketer

Personal finance, millennial money management, financial technology, passive investing and career advice for 20-somethings. Canadian.

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Luciano ribas 37426 article

Is credit card insurance enough — or do you need extra travel insurance?

Heading out on a trip? A boring-but-necessary first step: read your insurance policies. (Yes, seriously.)

Foreclosure story 2 article

Modern House Hunt: Buying a Foreclosure On The Other Side of The Country

One man's journey across the country to revamp a house in need of some TLC.

Brooke cagle 195855 article

We need to get rid of the ugly stereotypes around women and money

Let’s all take a minute to confront — and heartily dismiss — the ridiculous and enduring stereotypes that we hear all the time about women and money.

Y3l zqaw9wo brooke cagle article

Everything you need to know about being in a relationship and filing your taxes

I worked with two Official Tax Experts to help me — and you! — navigate tax season alongside our common-law partners and spouses, and figure out how to file our recently-divorced taxes, too.

Qevmjxzov3k sarah dorweiler article

How I saved $16000 in a year for a house down payment

Before you can dive into the joys (and associated costs!) of homeownership, you need to pony up tens of thousands of dollars for a down payment. Here’s exactly how I managed to come up with all that cash over the past year.

Xpdhtc pkog matt jones article

"I have to pay what?!" 11 unexpected costs when buying your first home

To get the inside track on exactly how much you can expect to spend in your first year, I spoke with two experts who have helped about a zillion* people deal with the unexpected costs of buying a home.

R53vorzh75i dmitri popov article

My money resolution: spend more

Ask a personal finance blogger about their favourite pastimes, and you’ll usually find saving money right at the top. Not me.

Insurance policy article

Yes, You Need to Read Your Insurance Policies

I get it: you don’t want to read your insurance policies. Nobody does. But here's why reading them is a gift to future-you.

Photo 1466978913421 dad2ebd01d17 article

Become a financially savvy FOMO fighter

Five ways to make sure that FOMO doesn’t stop you from doing other important things, like paying rent or saving up to buy a place.

Preet banerjee stop overthinkg your money article

Lowest Rates Reads: Stop Overthinking Your Money

This book is the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff guide you have always, always wanted for your money.