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Personal finance, millennial money management, financial technology, passive investing and career advice for 20-somethings. Canadian.

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How Much Does A Side Hustle Cost?

Are you spending strategically on your side hustle costs? Here’s how to find out.

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Not Sure About Investing? Invest in Your Side Hustle First

Investing doesn’t need to be complicated, especially when you know everything there is to know about one specific business: Your side-hustle.

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Five Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Side Hustle

Just because everyone else is starting a side hustle doesn’t mean it’s right for you — here’s how to figure it out for yourself.

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What Is a Fiduciary and Why Do I Need One?

Be sure to check whether your financial advisory is actually your fiduciary -- it makes all the difference.

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WTF Are ETFs and Why Do I Care?

ETFs are the building block of a huge number of low-cost investing approaches and are rapidly rising in popularity.

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How to Ask for a Raise - And Actually Get It

Because “I have been here for five years” and “I do what’s expected of me” are bad answers to "Why should I give you more money?"

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Want Free Money and Fewer Taxes? You Want a 401(k)

Always take the (legal) free money. It’s a good life rule that totally applies here.

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Yes, You Need to Negotiate Your First Salary

It may be awkward and you may not always have the upper hand, but you always need to negotiate your first salary.

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What are IRAs - and Why Do I Need One?

Any type of IRA is just an account, and it’s what you keep in that account that helps your money grow.

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How to Quit Your Job Without Ruining Your Budget (Or Reputation)

In the modern economy, nobody stays at their job forever, but how you leave determines everything.

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Manage That First Paycheck Like a Boss

Cue: “I spent how much on restaurants and fast food last month?!”

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Charles Schwab: A beginner-friendly online brokerage

A brick-and-mortar financial institution is making serious inroads into the world of fintech.

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Bankroll Your Relocation: Moving for a Job

At the end of the day, funding a move for a job isn’t all that different than any other major life expense.

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Motif: A Theme Party For Your Money

It's not Wolf of Wall Street, but it's still pretty damn fun.

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Do I Need a Brokerage? What They Are and How They Work

You’ll need to know enough to know what to buy, when you want to sell, and how not to totally freak out if the markets go a bit sideways.